Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Watching my checklist Diminish..

Day by day I'm crossing more off. I trully feel like I'm ahead of the game. I don't want to jinx myself though.

Here's some of the recent checks! =)

Flowergirl Dresses
We finally have both of our flowergirl dresses purchased. Makayla is in pink and Ember will be in white with a pink sash..I think I want to add a flower to it too, but here they are. =)

Ember's is from Davids Bridal and it is white with pickups. It's so pretty..can't wait til it comes in. Though the delivery date makes us all a little nervous: July 26, 2010. Ahh!

Makayla's we got at the Burlington Coat Factory..

So check!! =)

Josh, groomsman, my dad, and grandfather are all fitted for their tuxes. All that's left is Josh's dad and Dustin, our ringbearer, who can't get fitted until the beginning of July.

Check and Check! =)

They are DONE! D. O. N. E. I can't believe it. Also the pink one's I ordered off theknot.com's wedding classifieds are in. I plan to use them to swag across the head table, cake table, and entrance.

Check, Check, Check!! =)

Escort Cards
The half that we can do is done. We can only do the numbers on one side until we get the rsvp's back and get the table seating figured out. Josh had helped with these a lot. =)

So I'm considering this a check.
Check, check, check, and check!! =)

Money Bag
This was just a quick sew after I completed the table runners, but I'm so happy with how it turned out. Though the $ dance doesn't go over well on theknot.com and other places it's a tradition and it's so much fun in my own opinion. I've always loved folding my dollar up into some kind of shape (a crane now..how appropriate ;) and going round and round dancing with the bride. It's a blast.

Here it is..

Check, check, check, check, and check!! =)

I can not believe these are completed. I'm blown away by it. I started at the end of December and finished early May. Here they are..I'm so proud.....

Check, check, check, check, check, and CHECK!! =)

Father - Daughter Dance Song
I finally got around to purchasing and downloading the song we will be using for the father-daughter dance. It's perfect for my dad and I. Ever since I can remember my dad has called me "Daddy's Little Angel". Finding this song was just perfect...

Checkity, check, check, check, check, check, chhhhhhhhheck! =)

Feels so good to be getting this all done. =) More to update later.

An Amazing Day with Amazing Women

My Shower was May 2, 2010 at 3pm. It rained earlier in the day and cleared up toward the end it was a perfect day for a "shower"

I'll post more pics when I get them all back, but for now the ones I have will have to do.

In attendance I'd say there were about 50 or so women there it was great to see everyone and meet some of Josh's family who I did not know yet.

Everything became a lot more REAL there. I successfully made Aleece cry as well as many other women in the room. I guess the speech I did came out alright afterall.

So here's how it all went down.

I arrived with my mom and we helped to finish setting what was left to set up. From there as everyone came in they were to sign into the guestbook, drop there recipe for me in a basket, and then take there tickets to enter in the chinese auction for 13 different themed baskets. As the shower went on we pulled a ticket and a guest won the basket. We did this instead of the games and I think it turned out wonderfully. =)

When I walked in though the first thing I noticed was the clothesline above the head table with multiple pairs of undies hanging from it, hahaha! I guess there's a poem or a game to go with it, but Aleece just wanted to use it for decoration. It was definitely a coversation piece, haha!
Yes, there's even a pair on my chair, haha

From there Aleece made her little introduction speech and we all began eating. There was SO much food and it was all so good. Speaking of food the favors for each guest were so yummy. They had a truffle, pretzels with rollos melted in them, peanut butter balls with chocolate, and a strawberry dipped in white chocolate. So yummy!

The centerpieces were "flower pots" and they had "flowers" (cupcakes iced to look like flowers). Each guest also had a callalily at their place setting and they were to remove the cupcake to eat and replace it with the callalily after they wrote advice for Josh and I on it. So I then had advice bouquets. It was really cute and I loved reading all of them at the end of the shower. A lot of them made me laugh. =)

Mid-lunch? Josh comes in carrying a vase with a beautiful bouquet of flowers. It was so sweet and everyone "Awwwwww'd" even though Josh didn't want them to. Hehe, it was really cute. =)

After everyone ate I began my speeches and introduced my flowergirls as well as my bridesmaids. I had previously made jewelry for each of them and handed these out as well. From what I could tell they all loved them.

One of our flowergirls: Makayla =)

Our other flowergirl: Ember =)

I then gave Aleece her MOH specific gift and I'm pretty sure she loved it too. The day before she's telling me "If you haven't noticed I love zebra print"...really?! I had NO idea. ;) hahaha!

Zebra suitcase with a bunch of different "zebra" things inside

From there I began opening gifts and let me tell you everything was so nice. We got a lot of kitchen stuff to update what we have already and I got some nice personal stuff as well.

One of the gifts table

A great knife set

From my mom =)

From Josh's grandma, absolutely beautifully handmade

An awesome new toaster so I don't have burnt toast everytime we use the one we had before

A great pots and pans set =)

Loved this baset from the Miller's everything to make the pizza they put on the recipe card they brought

This bag was unbelievably hard to get into, so I ripped it

Joshs's mom and sis made this for me. Love it!

They made these too..my something blue =)

wine glasses, yay! =)

My ribbon bouquet for the rehearsal =)..Thanks Keishybabe!

The rake & shovel we had on our registry =P..gag gifts from cousins =)

Gilley in the card basket, haha

Phyllis, our savior for the weekend had to leave, but since she made the cake and will be making our wedding cake she wanted a picture with me and the cake before she had to go. Let me tell you that cake was delicious! =)

It was really an amazing day with amazing women that I'm never going to forget. =)

..now on to those Thank You cards!

Friday, April 30, 2010

Where did the past 4 months go?

Seriously. Tomorrow is the 1st day of May. Holy shat!!

The best part of that?..my Bridal Shower is Sunday!! =) I can't wait! It's looking like it's going to be a pretty big thing..I'm so excited to see everyone!! Yay!

Alright well I'm just about done with the table runners..3 more to go, meaning 25 are done. Woot! Oo and I order pink ones for the head table and wherever else we need them.

Josh finished our card box forever ago, but I finally got pictures into it. Procrastination? I think so. =)

On a pretty upsetting note? My videographer is not a videographer fulltime and he got a new job at a country club where he's a chef and must work the weddings. Of course there is one scheduled the same day as ours. =( However, I'm keeping my head up and Josh said he will handle it and we will find someone just as good if not better. So..I'm not stressing over it. =)

We decided awhile back and I'm not sure I posted it yet, but we're going to do a balloon realease at the ceremony. After we are announced as husband and wife and begin the recessional our family and friends will release they're biodegradable balloons as we pass by. On it will be a business card with an address to send back to if someone finds it. We could get one a week from the wedding or 5 years, who knows. I'm excited about this fun detail.

I recieved our custom stamps and went and weighed our completed invites. It past the 44 cent weighing and the "fat" test so we're good to go with just the 44 cent stamps..woohoo!!

Busy, busy, busy,..another update coming soon..

Friday, April 2, 2010


Okay I'm starting to freak out. Not really bad or anything just that wow it's coming so fast. We've all been working on so much. Watching it all come together is..is..well it's exciting. =) 119 days. Yowzaa!

So the latest news? We have an officiant! Glen, a very close friend of my family who might as well be a godfather of me has got ordained for us and will be marrying us! We're so excited! When we couldn't find anyone that we could see marrying us we looked into having someone ordained. When we started thinking of who, Glen was the first person to come to mind. When he excepted, he got right on it. Yay!!

Oo we booked a limo bus too! I haggled and got us a GREAT deal. When I started out quoting prices it was $1200 for 4 hrs. When they called back they dropped it to $1100, since we're "in they're backyard," and for the 2 hrs toward the end of the reception for a shuttle they quoted us for $600. I decided to call another place in Pittsburgh and they quoted us for $1070 for a shuttle bus (NOT a limo bus and it didn't inlcude champagne or a stocked bar like the other did). So from there I gave the other place a call back and she said she doubted she could do much else, but she would talk to her boss. When she called back she told us she didn't know why or how, but we're getting the NEW limo bus for all 6 hrs need for only $1200. So essentially we're getting 2 hrs for free. Woot!!

Love the inside of it! I think our wedding party and guests are going to love it too!

While up in PA a few weeks ago Josh got fitted for his tux! and so did Ryan. While we were there a mother was coming in to pick up her son's ringbearer tux for a wedding the next day and I couldn't help but think that'll be all of us shortly. It was like..wow, this is really happening. We got the tux info sent out to everyone and this weekend when we go up for Easter I'm taking my dad and grandpap to get fitted for their tuxes. So exciting!!

Oo I ordered Josh's wedding gift too! He's going to LOVE it..so hard keeping it from him though.

Designed and ordered our guestbook..it arrived yesterday. It's soooo nice!

The front and just a few pages of the guest book, yay!

Today on the knot Ashley O. posted about customizable stamps and an unbelievable deal. $10 off, $10 credit, and they ended up being less than what they would be to buy regular stamps at the post office, even with shipping and handling. Wooooo!!

I finally got the table runners all cut out and 5 of them are sewn. 23 to go. I think they're a bigger pain then the cranes, haha!

We've been working on the escort cards lately too. Go the tags all printed, ribbons cut and edges burned, tying them on to the take out boxes, and Josh has even helped. They look great!

I worked on programs all day today. Finally got a mockup. I love how they turned out.

The first bridesmaid dress is in!! Can't wait for the others! =)

I picked up a sash and garter for the bachlorette party at Target for $1 a piece. Yay $1 deals at Target, haha!

I think that's about it. Everything's coming together. Less than a month until the wedding shower too! Yay!!

Monday, March 15, 2010

Dresses Galore! =)

Recently I made a trip to Ross Dress for Less. I went a little nuts, but I purchased 4 new dress..3 of which are for the wedding. All for about $20 each. =)

My Bridal Shower Dress

My Rehersal Dinner Dress

My Bachlorette Party Dress